Monday, January 28, 2008

Children: The Amazing Snot-Sucker

I think suctioning a baby's nose is worse than changing a stinky diaper! They wiggle and squirm and cry. You try to hold them with one arm, hold the aspirator with the other hand, close one nostril with whatever appendage is available, and then try to squeeze the aspirator, get it in their nose, and release the bulb while it's still in their nose. Next to impossible, and I rarely succeeded.

Until I found the battery-operated nasal aspirator by NasalClear. ( ) The tip is soft and cushy, so you don't have to worry about jabbing their tender noses. The battery keeps the suction constant, so whenever you manage to get the tip in their nose, it's suctioning. That's important for those of us who aren't coordinated enough to handle the bulb kind. My toddler found the aspirator to be funny. She laughed when the vibrations tickled her nose. And it plays music, which can also be used to distract the child.

The suction works great. There is a clear snot-holder, so you can see what is coming out. (Gross, but at least you know you're being successful!) I got more out with this aspirator than any bulb aspirator I tried.

The only down-side is the clean-up. Like a bulb, it needs to be cleaned after every use. It's not difficult, but watching green snot slide out of the container made me feel a little sick. Now I know why the hospital uses blue aspirators!

If I had endless money at my disposal, I would get the Cleanoz. ( It has a disposable collection cup, so you never have to wash anything. Just replace the disposal cup. Easy! But a little pricey at $7 for 10 disposable tips/collection cups.
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