Saturday, January 26, 2008

Children: Discounts on Miracle Blanket

If you are interested in purchasing a Miracle Blanket, you can get a discount at Spot4Tots. They are amazing to work with. They give everything the personal touch--even online. And they have three new camouflage patterns you can't get anywhere else, yet. To get a 10% discount, email Or you can use the NEWPARENT08 code during checkout to get FREE shipping. UPDATE: So many of you are mentioning my blog, they have given me my own discount! YEAH! When you checkout, use the discount code HOLLY. You'll get a 10% discount and free shipping.

Here's the note Spot4Tots sent me telling me about the sales and the new products.

Hello Holly,
Thank you for all your support! The 10% discount is still honored for people who remember the promotion and write to us directly as you just did. We also offer a coupon code NEWPARENT08 and if entered during checkout at the customer will receive FREE Shipping on anything they purchase.
Here’s a little insider information; we received three new camouflage patterns yesterday and will be the only online outlet for these patterns until they reach the retail market in about two months….
Thank you for writing in and remembering us; It’s a rarity to hear back from past customers in this business because once you have your baby and experience what the Miracle Blanket can do, its easily forgotten about unless a second or third baby is in their future. So in essence, our customer turnover is about every four to nine months and our so-called advertising comes from people like you. Here’s a temporary picture of the newest blankets until I get them off to a professional photographer.
As always…. grateful.

Miracle Blanket DST