Friday, January 25, 2008

Children: Holly's Tip for Teaching Sign Language--or Anything!

Be silly! Kids love it and will want to play along. Teach EAT by having a puppet EAT objects, like a dinosaur eating toy cars! Show the sign before the dinosaur eats the car. After a couple silly, giggle inducing snacks, start signing EAT on the puppets mouth. Then switch to signing EAT on the child. Next wait for the child to sign before having the puppet eat the car. But don't forget, be very silly the whole time! Roar like a dinosaur, make crunching noises, and burp if necessary. You're teaching sign language, not manners! And if you absolutely must, you can always include the sign EXCUSE ME.

Think this is humbling? Maybe, if other adults are watching. But it is super effective--the child will learn the sign, and you will have a great memory.