Monday, January 21, 2008

Children: How to Choose Baby Signing Resources

The explosion of baby signing materials in recent years makes it difficult to decide which products to choose. Here are a few of the products available: Signing Time, Baby Signs, Wee Hands, Sign2Me, Signing Smart. and many, many more! I will add a more complete list in another post.

Make the decision easy on yourself and choose only American Sign Language (ASL) products. The signs will be fairly consistent from ASL product to ASL product. Even if there is an occassional variation in signs, just think of it like teach your child the words dog and puppy. We interchange them and the child doesn't get confused. However, if you use a program that is not completely ASL (like Baby Signs), you will run into conflicting signs repeatedly.

So make it easy on yourself--choose ASL products. My favorites are Signing Time and Signing Smart.