Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Children: The Miracle Blanket Company's Response to this Blog

From Marshall at Miracle Blanket

Thank you so much for the review! It's always heartwarming to find
somebody like yourself who has had so much success with the blanket to
inspire them to publicly proclaim it's effectiveness for us. It's
through word-of-mouth like this that our company has grown into a
success. When we try to say the same things to people they won't believe
it because they think we're just trying to sell them some snake oil. But
when people hear it from family and friends and other people who aren't
connected with our company, they decide to give us a chance. And then
they tell their family and friends and blog about it. :)

Regarding a bigger blanket, at around four months many babies gain just
enough motor control and strength to break out of the blanket. So we
give four months as a cutoff because we don't want to run the risk of
loose bedding in the crib when they break out. What we have discovered,
though, is that once they can do that it doesn't matter how big the
blanket is - they can break out of a bigger one just as easily. (That
came as a surprise to us.)

The answer, then, is to come up with a design that is different and yet
just as effective as the Miracle Blanket but that works for bigger
infants. That has been a huge challenge, and we've been working on it
for well over a year now. Our most recent design worked to some degree,
but not nearly well enough to live up to a name with the word "miracle"
in it. So we're back to the drawing board for a while. At the moment,
the project is on the "back burner".

In the meantime, I should mention that we hear time and time again that
the actual weaning process is never anywhere nearly as bad as the
anticipation of it. People think it will be horrible, but it always ends
up taking just 2 or 3 nights. The best way, by far, to wean is to just
go cold turkey. Once your baby seems to no longer be enjoying the
blanket so much, or at about four months old, just stop using it. For
two or three nights you'll get no sleep, but those two or three nights
will have already been more than made up for in the past weeks of sleep.
Just don't give in and use the blanket because then you'll just have to
start over. Then, usually quite suddenly, on the third or fourth night
(usually the third) your baby will just forget about the blanket
completely and start sleeping.

Recently I received a wonderful piece of feedback about our "Cold
Turkey" advice, and decided that I should include it whenever I answer
this particular question for somebody:
Dear Marshall,
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the helpful answer
you sent in response to my question about weaning my daughter off
the Amazing Miracle Blanket.
My husband and I took your advice and weaned her cold turkey. We
had two bad nights (the following two days weren't great either, due
to lack of sleep all three of us endured), but then it was as if someone
had flipped a switch in our daughter and on the third night she slept
without the blanket beautifully. You were so right that the
of giving up this amazing product when the time comes is much worse
than the actual event.
Thanks again! Your product and customer service are top-notch.
A grateful mom,

I hope that helps!

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