Sunday, January 20, 2008

Children: The Miracle Blanket Helped Me Sleep

The Miracle Blanket is a cozy, secure blanket to swaddle infants in. I found it because I needed another option after Kalen outgrew the hospital swaddling blankets. Also, I didn't trust other people to swaddle her safely (like her babysitters). The Miracle Blanket was easy for everyone. It came with illustrated directions that were perfect for those who were using it the first time.

My daughter grew to love the Miracle Blanket so much she would fall asleep within minutes (sometimes seconds) of being swaddled. It also calmed her when she was overstimulated.

My daughter had a big startle reflex while she was sleeping. Her little arms and legs would jerk and kick and wake her up. This blanket provided just enough snugness to keep her asleep for hours on end. That's good for mommy and daddy!

I've also heard good things about Kiddopatomus Swaddle Me fleece swaddling blankets. The velcro tabs seem to hold well. However, I have heard that the babies can wiggle their hands out and wake themselves up.

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