Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Children: My Favorite Signing Resources for Babies 6 months and older

Baby Signing Time DVDs Vol. 1 & 2: These videos feature great production quality, catchy songs, cute cartoons, and kids that make you smile. My daughter began watching these DVDs a little after she turned one and rapidly began expanding her sign vocabulary. If I had known about them, she would have started watching them much sooner. Seeing chidren her age sign seemed to motivate her. Soon she was signing BABY to ask for the DVDs. The word choices in Baby Signing Time are great for beginning signers and their parents. The videos contain about 40 signs that are relevant and interesting to babies like DOG, BALL, CAT, CAR, and AIRPLANE. They also include signs that parents care about, like POTTY, CHANGE, PLEASE and THANK YOU.

I loved these videos as much as my daughter did. I incorporated the cute songs into our families routine. We sing the Diaper Song on our way to change diapers--it helps when she's being obstinate. We sing the Wash, Wash, Scrub, Scrub song while washing our hands and taking a bath. I let my daughter's daycare have the CDs of all the songs. They play them everyday. Pretty soon, my daughter had taught the other children the signs. They even created their own dance routine to the Diaper Dance! Listen to the songs online.

These DVDs teach ASL signs. The show's host, Rachel Coleman, is the mother of a deaf child. This series was born out of her desire to teach others to communicate with her daughter. Read her story and learn more about the benefits of signing with children. You can also read Rachel's blog and chat online with other parents who sign with their children.

My family is glad she shared her daughter's language with us!