Friday, February 1, 2008

Fitness: 12 Second Sequence Workout and Diet by Jorge Cruise

I started the 12 Second Sequence workout yesterday. So far, I'm optimistic and intrigued. The basic premise of the workout is that by doing very slow repetitions while lifting weights, you will actually build more muscle than with traditional weight-lifting techniques. It will also reduce the likelihood of injury. The 12 Second Sequence workout is a 20-minute circuit training workout. Each exercise is done 4 times. Four times doesn't seem like enough, until you throw in Jorge's new technique--the 12 Second Sequence. Using the heaviest weight you can manage, you lift for a 10 second count, hold the weight and the hardest part of the lift for 2 seconds, and then lower for 10 seconds. Sure, this is really a 22 Second Sequence, but I'm giving Jorge a break on the name--12 Second Sequence is a lot catchier.

I did the first workout yesterday. And I enjoyed it. I have back and jaw problems, so too much jerking and bouncing and straining puts me in a lot of pain. With Jorge's workout, everything is smooth, controlled, and tough! Think pilates meets weight lifting. I definitely got warm doing this workout. Next time, I will increase my weights. I wasn't quite fatigued after the 4 repetitions. And to make this workout succeed, you need to be fatigued at 4 reps.
Good news, you don't have to buy the book to do the workout. Visit The site has a neat workout tracker. You'll have to sign on for a free membership. It also has a weight/measurement tracker. If you want to see my stats, search for user:hollmil. The coolest feature? It asks you if you have overcome your temptation today (mine is late night chocolate. Can I say I've overcome if I only eat chocolate during the day?)
Start the 12 Second Sequence Diet with me!