Sunday, February 24, 2008

Allergy: Bob's Red Mill Products

So I started on my adventure with new food choices today. It's excitement and discouragement wrapped in a unfamiliar plastic wrapper with a distinctive red label. Bob's Red Mill products will be a staple in my new diet. Millet flour, arrowroot flour, potato starch...all new and unexplored products. They offer my the chance to eat, rather than starve to death as I previously expected. However, I am a little concerned with the taste. Because really, if millet flour tasted amazing, there would be millet crackers, millet cereal flakes, millet pizza crust, and millet chocolate chip cookies in every grocery store. And, even though my husband does the grocery shopping, I'm pretty sure you won't find them.

But, still, it was amazing to find such a wide selection of alternative flours at my regular grocery store. And the experience probably would have been less overwhelming if my 21-month-old daughter (hyped up on sugar from a birthday party) hadn't been crawling out of the race car grocery cart and indiscriminately throwing soy flour (I'm allergic), rice flour (ditto), and oatmeal cereal (again, allergic) into the basket. I even found an egg replacement powder by Ener-G.

I struck out on the milk alternative, though. The grocery store had soy milk, rice milk, soy-rice milk, and almond milk. I'm allergic to all those appealing options. Actually, I prefer soy milk to regular. I've known I had a milk intolerance for years, so I switched to soy (Silk and 8th Continent are the best). My husband turned up his nose, but after a year or two, he converted to the soy side. When I found out I was more allergic to soy than to cow milk, I switched to rice milk. It is sweeter than soy, but somehow, grainy with a bitter aftertaste. Maybe I've just not had the right brand of rice milk. I tried a lot of bad soy milk before I found the good stuff. Now almond milk sounds good. I'm imagining a creamy, sweet concoction. Something like a liquified Almond Joy. But, I guess I will never know. And it probably tastes better in my imagination, anyway. I sent the clerk to search the store for goat milk (I had a crazy child to deal with, remember?). He came back empty handed, so I'm still on the hunt for milk.

When I got home, I searched Bob's Red Mill website for recipes. I figured if they had products I could eat, they would have recipes I could eat, right? I was overly optimistic. I only searched for a couple minutes, but every recipe contained allergens.

Fortunately, I have the Yeast Connection Cookbook, and I was able to quickly find a recipe for pancakes/flatbread to make with my new ingredients. And I have cashew butter to spread on them. I'll be eating good tonight!