Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Allergy: I Can Still Eat Good Food!

I thought having a magnitude of food allergies would doom me to blah, cardboard-tasting meals. Not so! Bryan made me a delicious meal yesterday. He ran black beans through the food processor until they looked like chocolate frosting. Then he added lime juice and cumin. Mmm...this is a must-try recipe. We dipped our chicken strips in it. Kalen loved it so much, she hardly ate any of her chicken. You can also dip tortilla chips in it. Or bake it in the oven with cheese on top.

Tonight, I made "restaurant quality" home fries. I chopped up red potatoes. Then I browned garlic in garlic oil. I removed the garlic and fried the potatoes until they were crisp and golden on the outside, but still soft inside. Then I tossed them with salt and oregano. I think the olive oil had a lot to do with the wonderful taste.

And, I discovered Ghiradelli's 100% Cocoa bar. I melted a chunk and mixed it with goat milk and sugar. Mmm...I ate it straight because I wanted chocolate so badly. But it would have made a delicious dip for bananas (my original intent).

And, I've discovered Utz's Gourmet Medley Potato Chips. It's a medley of dark russet, regular, sweet, and blue potatoes. They are fried in sunflower oil and the only other ingredient is salt.

So, I can't eat everything, but it's possible that everything I eat will still be good.