Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baby Bargains is a Must-Have Book for Expecting Moms

Even if you've already had a child, you need to check out Baby Bargains. Baby Bargains reviews products from every major category of baby items: bottles, pacifiers, cribs, breast pumps, clothes, etc. And, they update their reviews every year. This book was constantly by my side as I selected items for my daughter-in-the making.

Baby Bargains made registering for items easy. Before I registered, I highlighted all the items I wanted. Then I simply chose that item at the store. Instead of choosing items based on the cuteness of the print, I was able to look at the product's track record. The authors of Baby Bargains research the company--product recalls, durability of products they sell, etc. They also get reviews from parents who are using the products. They give each item a grade of A - F and give a brief rationale for grade. At the end of each section they give three "best" options. One for the tight budget, one for the medium budget, and one for the "who cares how much I spend" budget.

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I had forgotten that Baby Bargains tells you things like what size baby fits into Carter's 0-3 months clothes and what (entirely different) size baby fits into Little Me 0-3 months. Lizzy Kristine included it.