Friday, February 8, 2008

Children: Chicco Night Light Soother

I love the Chicco Night Light Soother. It is a voice-activated night-light. When your baby cries, it turns on. It calms your baby when they need it and turns off shortly after they settle. It has given my 21-month-old control over the dark. Instead of crying she now turns it on by kicking the crib slats once. The noise is enought to turn it on.

But what I like best about this night light is the voice-record feature. We calm our to sleep by saying "SHHHHH SHHHH." This night light allowed us to record our voices saying "SHHHHH SHHHHH." When she would stir in the night, she would immediately hear my reassuring voice. The Soother also has buttons and toys your older child can entertain themselves with. And, if you don't want to record your voice, you can set the Soother to play music or nature sounds.

You and your baby will love this night light/crib toy/white noise machine.