Saturday, February 23, 2008

Raising a Signing Baby: 8 months old

More Pictures Please!

Ok, I don't really know that my daughter was signing MORE in this picture. But, she could have been. Kalen signed MORE for the first time when she was 7.5 months old. I started signing with her when she started eating solid foods at 5.5 months. At 7 months, she hadn't signed yet, and I was feeling a little less enthusiastic, but I was still determinedly signing away.

Kalen must have been waiting for an audience. I was feeding her lunch at my parent's home during Christmas. The cousins were there, my friends were there. And right in front of everyone, she signed MORE!

It was great to have everyone there for her first sign, but it was even better to have several independent verifications that she actually had signed. Several people yelled out at the same time, "She signed MORE!"

From that moment on, I was completely hooked on sign language. I had started out with the intent to teach her a few basics, but when she started communicating through sign, I couldn't stop. I wanted to know all she could possibly tell me.