Saturday, February 23, 2008

Raising a Signing Baby: 9 months old


Kalen loved to sign DOG. She signed about dogs all day. And I mean all day. Of course, she only knew a couple signs at this point, so I guess DOG was the most interesting one to talk about. But, I did get tired of saying, "Yes, that's our dog." "Yes, that's Franklin." "Where's Franklin? I think he's sleeping." "I see the dogs outside, too." And on and on. But, it was very fun communicating with her. And as you can see, signing was very fun for her. She was very animated in her signing, using a full body slap instead of a pat on the thigh when she was really excited.

Kalen's babysitter didn't believe that Kalen really knew what she was saying when she signed DOG. She told me that Kalen signed it all day, and they didn't have a dog. But I knew Kalen only signed DOG when there was a dog, somewhere. It might be a tiny little picture on a child's shirt, but if you looked hard enough, you would find a dog. Well, a week or two later, Kalen's sitter found out her neighbors had a dog--and it barked all day. She was amazed when she realized that Kalen signed DOG when she heard it barking, not only when she saw a dog.

Awww...wasn't she smart?