Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Do I Gain Weight When I Go on a Diet?

It is inevitable, every time I decide I'm going to get in shape and lose a little weight, I gain 5 pounds! Of course, the fact that I tell myself, "I'm starting tomorrow, so I better have one last carmel macchiato, and one last bag of Reese's Pieces, and a few chocolate chips, and, mmmmm.....some nacho cheese dip," probably is most of the problem.

I am confident that I have gained at least 3 pounds since I started the 12-Second Sequence diet. Of course, I only worked out twice in the time and probably quadrupled my calorie intake. Can you explain to me why my pants are getting tight?

But yesterday I read a quote by Oprah's personal trainer. It was something to the effect that, you have to have a goal bigger than losing weight if you want to succeed. And he's right. Because honestly, in my list of priorities, spending time with my husband and daughter is more important than the size of my jeans.

There was only one time in my life when I was successful at maintaining a workout schedule. And my main reason for working out was to prove to my doctor that I would be able to carry more than 15 lbs. I have TMJ which causes me a lot of pain. My doctor told me that if I had a child, I would have to stop carrying her around when she reached 15 lbs. Well, I worked hard! And I gradually increased my strength without increasing my pain. And I still carry my daughter around--and she's 30 lbs.

So, I've changed my motivation for working out from looking like I did when I was 20, to becoming healthy and strong enough to be able to play sports with my daughter as she grows older. Hmmmm....that's a much better incentive. And I don't even feel like going out and buying a large Meat Lover's Pizza and a bag of Cheetos!