Saturday, March 1, 2008

Allergy: Not Everything I Eat is Good

So, perhaps I was a little naive. Eventually, I will eat only foods I enjoy, but first, I'm going to eat a lot of foods I don't like. This week I tried making flatbread/pancakes with tapioca flour. Now, I know that tapioca is a thickening agent, but I thought, "This is tapioca flour. It'll behave more like flour." Wrong. My pancakes were stretchy like gummy worms! My husband said they would be perfect as drain plugs for the bathtubs. Sadly, he's probably right.

Lesson learned: use tapioco flour in combination with another flour with less binding abilities. If I had read Bob's Red Mill's website, I wouldn't have learned this the hard way. They say,
"Tapioca Flour is a grain-free flour derived from cassava root. It is a starchy, slightly sweet, white flour. Use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per recipe to sweeten breads made with rice and millet flour. It’s excellent in pie fillings. "

I found another flour by Bob's Red Mill called All-Purpose Baking Flour. This made great pancakes which my sister would gladly eat with me if the flour weren't so expensive. Translation--they were good.