Friday, March 21, 2008

Does Pregnancy Cause Allergies?

After getting my newest allergy test results (post-pregnancy) and realizing they were worse and I had more of them, I wondered if pregnancy made my allergies worse. (Jennifer Jordan of ParentDish also wonders the same thing. Pregnancy-caused allergies? )

The nurse who administered my tests told me that yes, pregnancy can cause/increase allergies. That worried me. I've only had one child and I have 25+ food allergies/food sensitivities and 10-15 environmental allergies. If I get pregnant again, will I be able to eat anything?

So, I asked my allergy doctor. He confirmed what the nurse said. But he also added some hope. Allergies can also improve during/after pregnancy. Hormones have an affect on allergies, but science hasn't figured out exactly how the two relate. So, they can't predict if a person's allergies will improve or get worse.

Interestingly, allergies also improve/worsen during puberty. Of course, mine worsened.