Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sign Language, Speech, and Toddlers

Kalen is 22-months-old and talking in 1-6 word combinations. She also combines signs and words in whatever way she needs to to communicate.

We recently started playing "Queen of the Mountain" on a short stump in the park. Last night as I was rocking her before bed, she started talking about the park and things she does there. Like swinging and sliding. Well, I easily understood she was talking about "Queen on the Mountain" because she was signing QUEEN. But then she started signing a variation of SHOE with no vocalization. I was confused. She's signed shoe correctly for close to a year! She repeatedly hit the knuckles of her fists together. Then she started signing and saying QUEEN and hitting her fists together. Ah-ha! QUEEN MOUNTAIN! I had no idea she was paying attention when I showed her the sign. And she was probably wondering why Mommy can be so slow.

To see any of the signs mentioned in this blog, visit I would like each word for you, but the site won't let me!