Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dad Kicked Out of Home for Mistakenly Giving Child Hard Lemonade

Does our child protective system have too much power? After a father purchased a bottle of lemonade for his son at a ball game, the son was put in foster care and the father was forced to move out when the boy was returned home. All of this because the father unknowingly purchased Mike's Hard Lemonade. In case you don't know. Mike's Hard products contain alcohol.

I can completely understand this mistake. It happened to one of my husband's professors in grad school. My husband was giving his final presentation to a large group of individuals. And this professor was overly critical and mean. Turns out, a foreign student had given him Mike's Lemonade. The professor, who didn't drink alcohol, didn't realize it.

Good thing he doesn't drink normally, because he was MEAN when he had a little alcohol. He later issued a formal apology. I always felt a bad for the guy. But a formal apology is much better than having your child taken from you.

Maybe we should sue Mike's for poor labeling! Just kidding!