Thursday, April 3, 2008

I May Have Allergies--But At Least I Can Chew!

I was looking online tonight to see if my facial and extremity numbness could be related to TMJ. I am not supposed to lift anything great than 5-lbs. (Yeah, right!) I've been getting lots of shipments of heavy boxes at work recently. Always self-sufficient, I've been lifting many of them without help. I came across this question about cookbooks for people who can't chew at And I quickly remembered how good I have it. There was a time I couldn't chew--not even hypoallergenic pasta! If you are a non-chewer, here's a list of resources for you.

Question: Are you aware of any non chew cookbooks? I have TMJ and cannot chew this week!

Answer: There are several cookbooks for preparing good-tasting, non-chewing foods. Check out the following:

  • Pureed Foods with Substance and Style by J. William published by Aspen Publishers, Inc. It is expensive, so you might want to get a copy from your library first to see if it is useful to you.
  • Easy-To-Chew and Easy-On-Salt - Pureed Foods for a Sodium Controlled Diet by Rosalie N. Norris published by Cornwall books
  • Ease-To-Swallow, Easy-To-Chew Cookbook by Donna L. Weihofen, published by John Wiley & Sons
  • Dinner Through a Straw and Let's Do Lunch (and other meals) by Becky R. Dethero, published by Dethero Enterprises. P.O. Box 332574, Murfreesboro, TN 37133, 1-800-842-3841, e-mail:,
  • The Healing Jaw Guidebook by Susan Beaudette RN, published by Zip-N-Squeeze (714) 997-7146 or
  • Soft-Sipp Bottles and Zip-N-Squeeze feeding systems designed by Susan Beaudette, RN P.O. Box 575, Yorba Linda, CA 92885-0575 or (714) 997-7146, e-mail:,

The first three books are available from and probably other merchants. They may also be available from your local library.

A number of TMJ patients have had success with a straightforward approach that does not require a cookbook. Make your normal dinner and puree it in a blender. You may wish add a broth to thin the consistency. For a dinner item, the taste is quite good.