Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Infomercials that Make Me Want to Buy

I'm home sick for the second day in a row. And right now, I'm watching the Luminess Air airbrush makeup infomercial. And I want it! I'm sure it would make me more beautiful! While the $30 trial price is easy on the wallet, the upkeep prices are a lot more. A bottle of foundation is $25+. So, with the rise in living expenses, I'm just going to have to stay a mom with drug-store makeup. No movie star looks for me!

I know that infomercials can sell really cheap, worthless products, but I've had success with several infomercial products. The Firm exercise videos changed my life and my exercise philosophy. My favorite is BSS4 and the Transfirmer series. Now, I want to try Power 90X because I need variety in my workouts. Power 90x includes cardio, weight lifting, yoga, etc. into the workout. Another exercise infomercial that intrigues me is Fluidity. Of course, I won't buy anything new until I actually start working out again!

I've always struggled with my hair because it is thick and wavy and I have cowlicks. Even with a straightening iron and a blow dryer, I couldn't get my hair completely straight. I purchased the Conair Infiniti and my hair was much straighter, much faster. Definitely worth the money. However, the big version doesn't work real well on my shorter hair. I'm sure the smaller version would work better.

I also love the steamer infomercials. And I've bought the Shark and then the bigger version. And while the concept is great, I've decided that you really need a professional version to make it practical at home. Sure, it powers through soap scum without chemicals, but I constantly had to wait for the steam to buildup again.

So, what infomercial items have you tried? What did you love and hate?

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