Monday, April 7, 2008

Toddler Going to Allergist

My daughter may look like her dad, but she's following in her mom's allergy footsteps. Poor kid. At least I've already tasted the really bad foods and eliminated them from our diet. (I'll write more on quinoa flour later.)

The last two weeks my daughter has been on a milk elimination diet. Her constantly runny nose stopped running. Her watery eyes stopped watering. And her crusty morning eyes disappeared. We put her back on milk and by the third day, her symptoms were back. So, I called the pediatrician's office this morning, and they referred her to an allergist. So mommy and baby will be seeing the same doctor.

I asked if she needed to see a pediatric allergist, and they recommended it. We can see the same allergist because my allergist functions as both an adult and pediatric allergist.

I was concerned that a milk-free diet may result in malnurishment or a lack of calcium. The nurse recommended soy milk and said she would be just fine. I'm guessing that since she is so close to 2 already, it's fine. I'm guessing the recommendation would be different for a younger child.

So, I learned the sign for ALLERGY today. I'm pretty sure Rachel doesn't cover that sign in Signing Time!