Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I'm sure my vast readership is wondering where I have been the past week. Well, the short answer is, "I've been busy." The more enlightening answer is:

  1. I've been testing my daughter for a milk allergy. She is responding well to her milk-free diet. Here teary eyes and runny nose are almost gone. I've had to keep track of what the menu is a daycare and send Kalen-safe foods in the days that the menu contains Bananas, Peaches, or Milk. Bananas cause her face to turn flaming red. Peaches cause an instant splotchy complexion and diaper rash.
  2. I've been trying to figure out my diet. I keep having weird symptoms where my face and hands feel numb and my brain gets cloudy. The allergist says it's most likely hypoglycemia--but eating food doesn't clear it up. A nurse said it was dehydration, so I drink more water--still have the problem. So now I need to start recording everything I eat to see if there is correlation.
  3. My sister got engaged and is going to get married in four months. I went wedding dress shopping with her, which was fun. I'd post the pictures, but her fiance would find them. He likes to snoop around my blog (Just kidding, Joel. You're welcome here anytime, especially with your expertise on avoiding food.)
  4. I've been researching air purifiers to find the best one for our situation. I need a HEPA air purifier that is not outrageously expensive, preferably has a pre-filter or two, will clean up to 300 square feet, and is quiet. The quiet part is the hardest. One purifier I looked into was described as sounding like driving with the car windows open an inch. That's NOT quiet.
  5. Researching allergy in children and adults. I want to help Kalen food allergies as much as possible. But, since a component of it is genetics, she's probably doomed. But, I did find out that by reducing environmental allergens, you can reduce your sensitivity to food allergies. Does anyone know if a vinyl toddler mattress is hypo-allergenic? Or does it need to have a dust-mite proof cover?
  6. Trying to add a few more signs to my vocabulary so I can continue expanding Kalen's vocab. She doesn't seem interested in the sign for FRUSTRATED, although she should be now that she's almost two!
  7. Searching for a replica of Kalen's precious sage blanket. It is a sherpa dot blanket with a satin backing. Interestingly, I can only find it in pink, or blue, or white, or multi-color. But Kalen must have green. Well, after several days and hours of searching, I found out we really didn't need the blanket. It was all a miscommunication between my husband and myself.