Friday, May 9, 2008

Baby Signing Time Teams Up with Hooked on Phonics

Hooked on Phonics and Baby Signing Time created a kit for parents who want to teach their infants to sign. The Hooked on Baby Learn to Sign Deluxe kit looks amazing! It contains:
2 special edition Baby Sign Time! DVDs
2 sets of flash cards
Audio CD with 8 songs from the DVDs
Good Night Baby audio CD
36-page parent's book
Milestone poster and stickers
Reference chart

This kit contains everything I needed and wanted as a new signing mom. DVDs, flash cards and a reference chart that all show the same signs! I always struggled to find a small, easy-to-read reference chart to send along with my child when she went to daycare or nursery. I had a chart, but many of the signs were not ASL and weren't the version we used. I would mark through the ones we didn't use or try to redraw the sign over the image. It got very complicated!

If you want to teach your baby sign language, get this kit. You'll have everything you need for a smooth start. But be careful--if you get hooked, Signing Time has almost 30 DVDs for sale!