Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Whisperer for Toddlers Solves Sleep Problems

We recently moved our daughter to a toddler bed. She was too tall for her crib (for safety you should remove your child from the crib when the child is 35 inches tall or when the crib rail only reaches to 3/4 of their height. They are top heavy and can fall out and land on their heads. It happened to my friend's daughter--twice) and it was starting to get to warm to keep her in her sleepsack (which kept her from being able to climb out). Also, lifting a 30+ lb. kid everyday was getting hard on my back and her little legs were bruised from all the times I smacked her shins on the railing while lifting her out. So, while I think the advice to keep kids in the crib as long as possible is good, it wasn't safe to keep her in any longer.

The transition wasn't too bad, but this past week has been horrible getting her to stay in bed. She screamed and cried and stalled and giggled and drove us crazy for hours every night. And our daughter has never been that difficult--energetic, yes. Desperate for my quiet evenings back, I pulled out the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers. A quick review of the bedtime and napping section helped me sketch out a plan of action to turn my daughter into a wonderful sleeper again.

We were making the mistake of winding our daughter up when she was supposed to be calming down. It was an innocent mistake. She had started wetting her diaper about 15 minutes after falling asleep, so, I started taking her to the toilet right before putting her to bed. But, the excitement of the potty that sings when she pees and two proud parents cheering for her successes was disrupting our calm routine. So, tonight, I moved potty time after her bath and before book reading. And we read books to her while she was already in bed. The change wasn't completely smooth. She didn't like going to the potty before she read books. But, when it was time to sleep, she drifted away within minutes.

Thank you, Tracy Hogg, for leaving your legacy of parenting techniques in the Baby Whisperer books.