Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Whisperer Solves Toddler Sleep Issues, part 2

Night two of the new plan went fairly well. It's not perfect yet, but we've cut out a half-hour of her yelling and screaming and wasting time asking for water and to go to the potty, etc.

The major struggle came when we asked her to get in bed to read her last book. She refused. Then she draped her torso over the bed. Next she tried sitting beside the bed with her feet under it. After a little while of this, I told her she had to the count of 3 to get in bed or we wouldn't read her book. She didn't get in bed, so we put the book away. She still wouldn't get in bed, so we gave her to the count of 3 before we would leave the room. Still, noncompliance. So we left after explaining that we would come back when she got in bed. (The Baby Whisperer probably would stay in the room and ignore the child until he did as requested, but, I think I would get really annoyed with my daughter if I did that.)

My daughter yelled and yelled. After a minute or two, my husband explained again using the same words I had. She kept on screaming. Then he used simpler terms and she stopped crying and went to bed. From there on out it was smooth sailing and she was asleep in minutes. And, when we prayed, she asked to pray for Dad and Mommy. She still likes us!

Moral of the lesson? There are several. Kids love coming up with ways to ALMOST do what you ask. And, make sure your directions are very clear.

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