Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gender Bias in Schools a Myth?

Jennifer Jordan's post on gender bias in schools intrigued me. Is there a gender bias in schools? When I was in jr. high and high school, the gender bias was toward males. They had the opportunity to be more than a cheerleader or a volleyball player. They could play soccer, softball and basketball, or wrestle. Females could choose to play the cheerleader, or do nothing, except during volleyball season.

The implied (and not always just implied) message that girls were inferior to boys bothered me even in elementary school. I started a petition to add girls basketball as high school sport when I was in 6th grade--I must have had an impact, they added the sport 6 years later when I was a senior.

So it's interesting to me when people say that schools now favor girls over boys. What do you think? Are girls given preferential treatment in your children's schools? Do teachers understand that there are uniqueness between the genders, but that both genders can learn and choose their own paths in life?

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