Sunday, May 11, 2008

Raising a Signing Baby: Two Year Old Finger Spells "Dora"

My two-year-old daughter adores Dora. She even has a Dora ball--try saying that three times fast, or even just once. "A Dora ball. Adora ball. Adorable."

Anyway, she loves going grocery shopping so she can see the shiny Mylar balloons with Dora on them. Of course, the free cookie probably doesn't hurt either.

In the checkout line today, my daughter pointed out a shiny Dora balloon. Making conversation, I asked, "Can you spell Dora?" My daughter promptly replied, "D" and finger spelled "D" using sign language. I had to help her with the rest of it. But she said and signed each letter and then proudly said, "Dora!" in spelling bee style.

Sign language continues to open up her mind to new concepts, and using sign language, she continues to show me just how smart babies are.