Thursday, June 5, 2008

Calling All What Not To Wear Watchers: Rachel Coleman Needs Help Dressing for the Emmy's

Rachel Coleman, the star and co-creator of Signing Time!, is going to the Emmy's but she's having a hard time deciding what style of dress to wear. Her blog post brought out another one of my interests--What Not To Wear. So, I think Rachel should get a dress with an empire/high waist and a V or deep-scooped neck. It makes you focus more on her face. Like in the grey and yellow dresses. But--NO flowing, draping fabric, like in the white dresses. I think the sleeker look is more elegant. What do you think? Come on, I know you watch What Not to Wear, too!

And, yes, I'm wondering, this post crossing the line from happy-with-the-product-fan to psycho-parent-fan?