Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Can My Baby Watch TV? What about Signing Time?

I am definitely a follow the American Academy of Pediatrics kind of parent. No crib bumpers or walkers for my Kalen! But, I did let her watch DVDs with us, even though the AAP recommends no TV until a child is two.

I really wanted Kalen to learn sign language, which is a visual language, so I bought several Baby Einstein signing DVDs. I decided they weren’t that good! They didn’t show the signs nearly enough for her to be able to catch on. I spent hours looking for a better alternative. I found Baby Signing Time! and what a difference that made! She learned so quickly, and so did we. It was amazing. But, I was very involved while watching the DVDs. We signed on each other’s bodies (I would sign CAT on her face, etc.) We danced together, and we talked with her about what she saw on the screen.

I must admit that I felt a little guilty doing it–who was I to abandon the AAP’s guidelines? Was I causing my daughter to be ADHD? But, my mom assured me that I had the intelligence to make up my own mind on Signing Time’s impact on my daughter. (Can you tell I was a nervous first-time mom?)

Anyway, we bought more DVDs and Kalen is doing amazing at 2. (She’ll be the June Signing Time Star, so keep an eye out for her.) She’s energetic, but definitely not ADHD. And she constantly amazes the adults around her with her abilities. So, thank you Signing Time, and thank you for reassuring us that quality programming with adult interaction isn’t going to ruin our children!