Monday, June 30, 2008

Do you tell your children when you're grouchy?

Everything seemed to irritate me tonight. Bryan was playing volleyball and my usually cheerful Kalen was whining about everything. The house cleaner was sick, so the dishes weren't done and laundry was stacked up in the hall. But I boldly pressed on and tried to create a new recipe for myself--which failed and looked horrible. By now, I'm really annoyed and I'm ready for Kalen to go to bed. I change her diaper and she kicks me in my recently operated on nose! Ouch! Now, I was ready to put her in bed with her clothes on an hour early and let her cry herself to sleep. But wonderful mom that I am, I let her stay up and I played with her and read with her.

Here's my question. What do you do when nothing will go right and you have no backup to give you a 10-minute-attitude-adjusting break? Do you tell your child that you are grouchy? Do you try to hide it?

I'm torn on this one. Our children aren't responsible for our feelings, but they do need to know that even adults get grumpy....