Sunday, June 22, 2008

Take Control of Your Medical Treatment: It could save you 24-hours of puking

Hello! I'm back after a horrid week recovering from surgery. As you may know, the pain medication Endocet (a relative of Percocet), makes me hallucinate and have crazy dreams.

I have a history of weird medicine reactions, so before my last surgery, I prepared a detailed list of all the drugs I remember taking and what their effects on me were. This required contacting doctors that I haven't seen in eight years, but it was worth it. I gave this list to the hospital a week before my operation. I also spoke directly to the anesthesiologist before he gave me the drugs. Because I told him how I generally vomit for 24 hours after the surgery, he gave me three separate anti-nausea medications in my IV.

Unfortunately, for me, I forgot to gather the drug information from my C-section. If I had done this, I wouldn't have been given Endocet and could have been spared a great of mental anguish.
But, on the positive side, my husband said I did the best with anesthesia that I've ever done. So, having a prepared medical history is important and helpful.

I hope you can experience healthier recoveries by using this technique. Take control of your health.