Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grinding My Own Rice Flour

Tonight, I started grinding my own rice flour. Purchasing pre-ground speciality flours for my diet is getting expensive. One 24 0z package of Bob's Red Mill Organic White Rice Flour costs $4.46. One 25 lb. bag of long grain white rice costs $12-14. That means that I could purchase 4.5 lbs of pre-ground flour for the price of one 25 lb. bag. That's significant savings.

So, I borrowed a hand mill and got started. It's hard work! No wonder people didn't have to work out to The Firm in the "olden days." If I keep this up, I am going to have beautiful arms. Turn the crank from the right angle and you can work your core, too.

Bryan stepped in and ground for awhile and then I ground some more. We ground about four cups of uncooked rice into flour. I then began the process of making rice milk. But that's a post for another day.

*Notice the cool cutting board in the picture. This is an eco-friendly cutting board made from reclaimed wood. The craftsman saves scrap lumber from the trimwork of the houses he builds. He then turns the high-quality wood into cutting boards, knife-blocks, and awesome surfboard countertops and chairs. They can be custom made to match your decor. Purchase them directly from his site, the southside woodshop, or from Green Alternatives.

**Two points for finding Franklin in the pictures.