Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to get your spouse to help clean house

This article is an excerpt from Jeff Bredenberg's How to Cheat at Cleaning. It has great ideas for splitting up chores, including ways to motivate a spouse who still won't help out. For example, leave all the chores that affect them to last. Don't wash their clothes until you've accomplished everything else. Or, hire the help you need and remind your spouse that you asked for their assistance. If you still want to try to do it all yourself, read Jeff's book. It has great time-saving tips. For example, did you know you don't need to make your bed in the morning? Pulling the covers up traps moisture in the bed and is the same as tucking little dust mites into a cozy bed. Instead, make survival more difficult for the critters by pulling the covers back and letting the sheets air out.Hmmm..I wonder what Jeff would think of my childhood strategy of sleeping in a sleeping bag so I wouldn't have to change my sheets. I saved lots of time because I never washed the sleeping bag!

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