Friday, July 18, 2008

Is Your Driveway Safe? - Tips for Preventing Backovers and Other Tragedies

I know, the title is very Enquirer or Evening news fearmongeringish. But I started writing and that's how it came out. But, these little tips could be helpful.

I have had a fear of running over someone for years. Probably since my beloved dog, Beckley, almost got ran over by my husband (because I accidentally let her out.) When I heard about the tragedy in Stephen Curtis Chapman's family, I started thinking more about it. It would be devestating to the entire family. As a parent, would you be able to comfort the child who survived the tragedy while grieving the one that died?

Babies Today has a good article about the issue of children being backed over in their own driveways. The article states that 90% of those injuries are caused by relatives or friends.

The article gives good tips for helping to keep your children safe. For example, don't allow your children to play in the driveway. If you do, use orange cones to block it off while their playing.

One of the reasons for the number of accidents is large vehicles with "blind zones." The Cars and Kids website has a listing of the size of "blind zones" for most cars. Look up your vehicle and consider installing a rearview camera. I found them for as little as $123 without trying to find a deal.

I just realized, my fear of backing over something started when I was 17 and ran into an electrical pole at my friends home. I smashed the wiring to her house and knocked out power. Oops! But what always bothered me was that I WAS LOOKING! But, I was wearing my glasses and the pole was in the line of vision that wasn't corrected by the glasses.