Thursday, July 31, 2008

Minnesota Weather

One thing I've missed about Minnesota is the awe inspiring thunderstorms. Today, I'm back in Minnesota and the sky turned black at 9 a.m. It looked like it was 9 p.m. The rain fell in sheets and the wind whipped it horizontal. It was weird, so most of my family went to the basement to hideout in case a tornado hit. Bryan thought we were weird. The wind blows much harder in a Virginia hurricane. But weather is different everywhere. I explained to him that a tornado could hit anywhere, anytime without warning.

Then he understood better. But he really understood when we found out that the tops of two pine trees were stopped from hurtling into our home by two other trees planted by my grandma. (Thank you for your forsight!). And that a plane crashed near us. (Thank you, God, for protecting all our flying relatives.) Some are stranded in airports. Some had no power, water, or working sewer. But all are alive and safe.