Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nail Polish so Quick and Easy, Even I Can Do It

I've been resistant to polishing my nails for years. First of all, I have "hobbit thumbs" which are short, stubby, and wide. I don't want to draw attention to them with polish. And I believe my stubby thumbs reduce my fine motor skills. Whether or not this is true, I may never know, but it helps me excuse my atrocious handwriting. Second, I hate how there is too much nail polish on the brush when i start, but not enough later, and I end up with ridges and blobs.

Today I discovered a product that seems to have eliminated these woes--Nicole Nic's Sticks by OPI. The polish and brush are contained in a painting stick. The polish comes out at a steady rate, and it's easy to apply without constantly dipping the brush (which is when I often smudge my nails). Nic's Sticks come in a range of colors. I chose "Are We There Yet?" because it just enough color to look nice, but not enough to draw attention to my--you guessed it--hobbit thumbs.