Saturday, July 5, 2008

Potty Training Using Baby Signs

We're picking up speed with Kalen's potty training. She's been on board the "Potty Train" for several months now, but she just recently moved to a class at daycare that will allow her to potty train. They are amazed at how well she's doing.

Now that I've mostly recovered from surgery, we are on focusing on finishing up Kalen's potty training. We've started setting the timer, and every 20 minutes we check to see if she's dry. If her diaper's clean she gets a piece of candy. We then put her on the toilet. If she does her business, she gets another piece of candy. Every twenty minutes seems like a lot, but it's really not. If she's dry at the 20 minute mark and doesn't go potty, she'll be wet within a couple minutes.

All the candy seems like a lot, too, but it helps motivate her to sit on the potty. Because every twenty minutes feels like a lot to a toddler! To her, we're constantly interrupting her play for something less exciting. After all, she's been going in the potty for about a year (at 12 months she told us she wanted to go potty with sign language). The toilet just isn't that exciting anymore! And it's definitely not as exciting as the mini-toilets at daycare. (No daycare doesn't have the cute decorated one above, but they should!)

Oh, that reminded me of another thing that's nice about working full-time: I get a break from potty-training while she's at school and she gets the reinforcement from other adults and her peers.

If you're looking for other moms who started potty training early read Wild Rides or join the Baby Signs Potty Training Yahoo Group.