Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Linda Acredolo's response to Baby Signing Question

Linda Acredolo, co-creator of Baby Signs responded to my question about the effects of baby signing "wearing off."

Here is her answer:

Susan and I are always delighted to hear from parents who have discovered for themselves the joys of signing with their babies. Your interest in lasting benefits is one we shared, obviously, and is what fueled our follow-up study using the WISC-IQ scale. Given our findings of higher IQs at age 8 among the children who signed as babies, we were particularly pleased at a recent study done by two Stanford researchers who found that better verbal language skills at 25 months predicted linguistic and cognitive skills at age 8 (citation below). That is, essentially, independent validation of our results given that we found positive effects of signing at ages 2 and 3.

Of course, even if no long term benefits in language or intelligence accrue, the fact is that the positive effects of signing on the relationship between parent and child is bound to pay off down the line.