Saturday, August 23, 2008

Raising a Signing Baby: 27 months

We took Kalen to the zoo for the first time, today. She loved it! Kalen decided she wanted to take a giraffe home with her, not just any giraffe. This one specifically.

Two weeks ago, I was signing to Kalen, sans voice. She answered all my signed questions verbally. But she got upset and started yelling at me, "Talk, Mama! Talk!" It was a rough day and I overreacted. I was convinced she would never sign, again. Hey, we're all allowed a little drama once in a while! Two days later she was signing words she had never signed before. And today at the zoo she surprised me right away by signing PANDA for the first time. I didn't even show her how to do it, she just pulled it out of her memory. And, it wasn't even a panda bear. It was a red panda, which is more like a funny fox than a panda.

Tonight we were playing games with her Word World poster. I signed sans voice again, and she calmly identified every object I signed. And then, I started fingerspelling the animals on the poster. She easily identified 3-4 of the fingerspelled words. Crazy! I didn't know she could do that!

So at the end of the day, I feel a little silly about panicking the other week. But, I'm reminded again not to underestimate children. They are smarter than we imagine, they just need the right tools to express it.