Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spice art for toddler

While Bryan and I were fixing supper, Kalen was being irritable. She was tired, hungry, and bored. We were having a hard time getting supper made. Then I had an idea. She loves art projects.

I gave her a bottle of glue, some paper, and several bottles of old spices that I needed to get rid of. She squeezed glue in designs on the paper and sprinkled and shook chili powder, chives, basil, and sesame seeds all over it. Of course, if your child is still eating everything they touch, you'll want to carefully consider what you let them sprinkle. When she uses up the spices, I'm going to refill the glass bottles with colored salt or sand.

She was happy. I was happy. And we all got to eat sooner.

Oh, and I got inspired and made a smiley face picture. She wasn't impressed at all. She was hoping for a rainbow!