Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We Met Rachel Coleman at the Signing Time! Dreamcatcher's Concert

The Signing Time! concert was fun, exciting, and motivating. Kalen was fun to watch. She's been talking about seeing Rachel for several days now. When Rachel came on stage, Kalen smiled a big smile and was so excited. But when they started playing the Signing Time! videos on the big screen behind Rachel, Kalen got very confused. Her little eyebrows were crunched together. I could see her thinking. But, apparently she figured it out, because soon she was yelling, "Pick me! My turn!" to be one of the children chosen to sign on stage. So sad for Kalen and mommy, but another child was chosen every time. But, I guess that's fair, because none of those children were Signing Time! Stars.

The concert was motivating for me, because Rachel talked about how she originally thought, "Why me?" when she learned of her children's challenges (Leah was born deaf. Lucy has spina bifida and cerebral palsy.) But then she started thinking, "Why not me?" I know you've heard that all before. Hears the motivating thing. She now thinks, "Of course, me!" Her gifts and abilities have enabled her to be a great mother to her daughters AND bring hope and communication to thousands of families throughout the world. She challenged us to look our lives and see them through the eyes of "What does this allow me to give to others."

No wonder she and her sister have accomplished so much!

The Signing Time! concert was a Make-A-Wish request for a boy named Collin. Kalen and I stopped and thanked him personally after the event, but I wanted to thank him again for making my dream come true--I got to meet Rachel Coleman!