Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Knock-Knock Jokes

We've been teaching our daughter the knock-knock joke:

A. Knock Knock
B. Who's There
A. Boo
B. Boo Who?
A. Why are you crying?
She can deliver this joke properly, but she likes to mix it up.

A. Knock Knock
B. Who's There
A. Jimmy! (Our neighbor)
I think the punchline is that she didn't tell the joke we expected....?

But the other day she surprised us with a joke we've never told her (and that's kind of funny).

A. Knock Knock
B. Who's There?
A. Impatient Cow
B. Impatient Cow Who?
A. Moo! (Shouted at the same time you say Who.)
Now, the timing wasn't perfect, but she did it. She learned this joke from the special features at the end of Signing Time's Who Has the Frog DVD. Thank you Lucy and Zach (mostly Lucy).

What jokes or "jokes" does your child tell?