Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random Things I Haven't Bought Because I Was "Economizing" or "Being Practical"

I've recently realized that there are several helpful products that would save me time, or make my life more pleasant, but I refuse to buy them because I'm saving money. Yet, I will buy a shirt or a new pair of shoes (granted, desparately needed) or an interesting cleaning product, or a book for my daughter.

Things I haven't purchased for no particular reason:

  1. Another lamp for my bedroom. It's really dark in my room because there are no overhead lights. The only light in there is an old, cheap halogen-style lamp from 7 years ago. Yet, my room goes uncleaned and my clothes remain on the floor because I don't like to go in there after dark, except to sleep. Wouldn't it make more sense to spend $25 to $50 on lighting?
  2. Organizing containers for my makeup. I keep my makeup and hair products in a basket. At one point, I had everything divided into little containers. It made getting ready easier and quicker. I knew exactly where everything was! But my daughter wanted her containers back to use as bathtubs for her WordWorld characters. Since they were hers, I gave them back. But I never went out and spent $5 on new containers to save me two minutes every morning.
  3. New facial soap. I just don't know what to buy. So I'm using my daughter's Dove.
  4. Round cake pans. I can make due with pie tins, right?
  5. Shorts that fit well. I'm waiting for next summer...but in Virginia, any day of the year could feel like summer.
How about you? And weird things you won't buy for some odd reason?