Sunday, September 7, 2008

Squeaky Shoes, Size 9 or larger

My daughter's feet are suddenly growing. Which presents a problem--it's hard to find squeaky shoes size 9 or larger. Well, it's not that hard if you're willing to pay $25 to $35. I'm not. I'm looking at the $10 to $15 range. I try to keep my squeaky shoe purchases comparable to shoe prices at Target.

I found two stores online that sell reasonably priced squeaky shoes size 9 or larger.
Uniquely Squeaky - This eBay store is run by a grandma and offers reduced shipping for multiple purchases. You can also make an offer and see if she accepts it.

Itzy Bitzy - This store will break your heart and inspire you. What? A kid's shoe store can do all that? Yes. Itzy Bitzy was founded by a family who has one special needs daughter. Her bones in her face are underdeveloped and result in facial deformities. She has already had multiple surgeries, and will have many more. So, if you want an excuse to buy every shoe you like, go here. A portion of the proceeds are donated to charity. They also have a wide selection of shoes in larger sizes.