Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Easy Green Tip: Water Your Plants with Ice Cubes

Some of you know that I'm an environmental educator by day (which pays a lot more than the $24 I've made blogging). And right now, everyone's talking about going green. All the information on what you should and shouldn't do gets overwhelming (And maybe a little annoying. Am I right?)

Every once in awhile, I'll share a green tip with you that makes my life easier, not just greener.

Easy Green Tip #1 - Water Your Plants with Ice Cubes

I have a hard time remembering to water my plant. (Yes, plant, singular.) But this water-conserving tip has given my dehydrated, drooping plant new life. Whenever I drop an ice cube on the floor, I pick it up and put it in my plant. This is slightly more difficult than simply kicking the ice cube under the fridge, but just as easy as putting it in the sink. If my automatic ice cube maker goes crazy and shoots cubes around the kitchen instead of into my cup, I ice cube my plant and then put the rest in my dog's water dish. Too make this even easier, keep your plant (or plants) and dog's water dish near the freezer.