Sunday, October 5, 2008

More on the new FIRM WAVE

I worked out on the New FIRM Wave a little tonight while watching The Amazing Race. The Wave is a great way to exercise while watching TV. I know, it sounds crazy. But I'm a couch potato who wants to move. A treadmill doesn't work well because your head doesn't stay level. The BOSU really doesn't work because you are bouncing everywhere. Yoga is hard because you are constantly bending over and looking at your knees or the floor.

But the Wave works. When you rock side to side, your head stays level. It's so easy to focus on Project Runway or whatever your favorite show is. Of course, you'll be limited to the rocking motions if the head-movement thing is important to you like it is for me.

My only problem with the Wave is that shifts slowly while you are using it. I had it on the specially designed safety mat on a carpeted floor. I noticed the Wave was starting to catch on something and realized it had shifted about a foot to the side. Don't use the Wave near stairs! I'm wondering if this will happen on a different surface. Anyone else tried it, yet?

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