Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alternative to the Firm Wave - The T-BOW

Thanks to Edward and Lisa for pointing out an alternative to the Firm Wave. It's called the T-BOW and it originated in Europe. It appears to be more curved than the Wave and it's thinner. It comes in wood or plastic.

Here's a quick video of the T-BOW in action. It's used in clubs and doesn't come with videos like the Wave by the Firm does. It is available with 1 DVD for about $200. (Thanks ElenaGracia.)

But this picture is what really impressed me. I can barely do that on the floor. Ok. I can't even do that on the floor.

Print Your Own Wrapping Paper

I tried making my own wrapping paper today. It was really fun. I scanned on of my favorite shirts, and then Photoshopped the pattern using different editing presets. I loved several of the results--so much so I'm thinking about making my own wall art and printing it on canvas...
But, I had a problem - my printer doesn't print to the edge, so wrapping a larger gift would be difficult.

Bestow, what do you recommend?

Squirt Baby Food Dispenser - Is This a Good Idea?

Every now and again, I Stumble across something interesting. For instance, the Squirt Baby Food Dispenser. No more scooping baby food from a bowl. Just squeeze the bulb and the spoon refills. I'm not sure, is this ingenious? Or just a huge accident waiting to happen. My kid had a pretty good grip. I could see her painting the walls and the dog with this thing.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thrifty, Crafty Gift-Wrapping -- I Might Even Try This

If you know me well, you know I despise wrapping presents. The paper seems such a waste of money. I can't tie bows (a co-worker taught me how to tie bows in my clothes a month or two ago, seriously). And I can't get the corners straight. And at the end, all the packages look the same. Too matchy-matchy for me.

But, this inspires me. Bestow scanned a skirt and printed out the paper to wrap this gift. Amazing. Now, I do think it is taking it too far to show up with the gift while wearing the matching outfit. Again, too matchy-matchy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Toots - Blame it on the Pumpkin

Mammatalk recently wrote a post on Toots. In our house, if the unmentionable should happen, we mention it by saying joyfully, "I tooted!" Of course, I never toot myself, so I don't say this.

When we were carving pumpkins for Halloween, someone tooted and promptly blamed it on the pumpkin. Kalen flipped the pumpkin over and showed us the bottom of the pumpkin where the "toot" escaped. We later named the pumpkin "Tootie JJ."

Do you have any fun tooting stories?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

So, My Kid Has a Peanut Allergy

My daughter was tested for food allergies while she had surgery to unblock her tear ducts. We got the results back this week. Fortunately, she doesn't have a long list of true food allergies. Just one. She's allergic to peanuts. IgE allergic. It's not just a food sensitivity. It's the kind that can be dangerous. She hasn't had any severe reactions, but IgE allergies can seem like no big deal one day and the next they can kill you. That doesn't bother me to much with my own peanut allergy, but somehow, it's different with Kalen. I can't watch her everywhere. I can't control her actions forever. One day, she's going to want to kiss her peanut-butter eating boyfriend.

Fortunately, her daycare is peanut-free. They don't even buy products manufactured in the same plant as peanuts. That's a real relief for me. I thought I would need to pack her a lunch everyday.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Apparently, There is Not Enough Time for Work, Family, Romance, Fitness and Blogging

About two weeks ago I tried a bold experiment--I added exercise into my weekly routine and focused on saying more to my husband than, "Hi, how was your day? What's for supper?" and "Let me tell you what the cutest kid on earth did today."

So, Bryan and I have had some wonderful conversations. Check for Family. Check for Romance. I've also managed to work out with the FIRM WAVE or other videos at least twice a week. I also spend time running around the house while carrying my daughter--yes, literally. It's a game we play. Check for Fitness. Work automatically gets a check.

But the box next to Blogging goes unchecked. I love blogging. I love connecting with friends I've met in the flesh and friends I've met through the keyboard. So, I'm going to have to figure out how to fit that in---I just had an idea. I can stand up at the keyboard and type while I "jog" in place. Naw...That doesn't work. I used to do that in college to meet the physical education requirement for gym classes. (Who out there from Cedarville remembers "PACLing'?)

The only solution I can come up with right now is to purchase an internet plan for my phone (Hint, hint, hubby.) What solutions do you have for me?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motrin Ad - Does it Make You Laugh? Or Make You Mad? #motrinmoms

Motrin recently came out with a new ad campaign targeting mothers.

Some mom's are offended. Some find it funny. Like Mom 101, I felt that the script just needed a little tweaking and different voice talent and it would be fine. But then, baby carriers killed my back and neck.

Mom's on Twitter (#motrinmoms) are boycotting Motrin. I would never be that foolish. After all, Motrin stopped the pain for me, my husband, and my daughter many times. I can attribute many hours of sleep to Motrin while we waited for the doctor's office to open in the morning. And, if I remember right, Motrin helped with the pain after my c-section (or was that Tylenol?).

Their ad campaign was a little off the mark. Big deal. As long as Motrin is safe and effective, my family will be using it.

Oh yeah, I gave some to my daughter tonight when the apple juice "medicine" we gave her failed to take away her ear pain. And yes, she's sleeping now, and I will be soon.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Work, Family, Romance, Me Time--And Exercise? Is It Possible?

Since my daughter was born, I've been trying to gain balance in my life and exercise. When I was on maternity leave, I did squats and plies while holding her and occasionally worked out with The FIRM or Karen Voight's Sleek Essentials.

For two weeks, I had a free membership to Bally Total Fitness and worked out with my personal trainer sister. But mostly, I've done nothing but try to regain my sanity and a sense of normalcy. Now, I'm trying to exercise again. Three times in three weeks! That's really good for me.

But I've only worked out on the weekends. By the time I get home from work, play with my daughter, eat supper, clean a little, talk to my husband, get my daughter in bed, etc. it's after 8 p.m. And I'm am spent. At 7 p.m. I still have energy. I actually feel like working out. At 8:15 p.m., I'm ready to sit and watch t.v., blog, or go to bed.

How do you fit exercise into your weekdays? I'm thinking about doing yoga 1 or 2 evenings. I always fall asleep on the floor afterward, but that's not so it?

But please, tell me how you make it work. Holly's Tried It---and I can't figure it out.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Difference Between Nightmares and Night Terrors

I had terrible dreams when I was little. I dreamed a family of alligators lived in the bathroom cupboard (which made going to the bathroom in the middle of the night terrifying). I dreamed a family of lions lived in the bathroom, too. I believed that if I left the light off, they wouldn't wake up. Once day, my grandma was visiting and walked in on me in a dark bathroom. Try explaining that without looking crazy! Also, big tarantula's would drop down on my face from a web strung from the upper bunk of the bed. And a magic black cat materialized in a brown paper bag and stalk out to. . . Well, I don't know what it was going to do. I just woke up terrified. And I didn't feel right about the sound of crumpling paper for a long time.

Science Mom has twin sons. Even though they are identical, one has nightmares, the other has night terrors. Basically, the child wakes up during a nightmare and often can remember it in the morning (in my case, 30+ years of mornings later). Night terrors usually occur within 90 minutes of falling asleep. The child screams and sweats and appears extremely distressed, but doesn't wake up during the episode, and doesn't remember it in the morning.

I didn't have night terrors, but I think that might have been preferable. With nightmares, parents should comfort the child to help reduce future nightmares. With night terrors, comfort yourself by trying to comfort the child, even though they won't even know you are there.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Firm Wave Infomercial Available

You can watch 5 minutes of the Firm Wave infomercial at the FIRM website. It's not posted to YouTube, yet.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Allergen-Free Hotdog Cake - As Promised

A couple weeks ago, we had a Halloweiner Party. Today, I learned we are not the only ones to create Halloweiner celebrations. Oh well, I bet nobody else had a hotdog cake that was dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, yeast-free, nut-free, and wheat-free. Since I couldn't find a allergen-free frosting, I used Wilton's Colored Fondant Icing. Interestingly, I can't eat the white fondant icing.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Wave by The FIRM Rock It Off! Review

The new Wave Rock It Off DVD by the FIRM kicked my butt. Alison Davis included more complex and new moves than Allie Del Rio did in Speed Slimming Sculpt. I'm glad I started with Speed Slimming Sculpt, because even though I was working out on new equipment, my body still new what to do. I was comfortable with the basic moves.

Rock It Off will definitely take me 4-5 times through to get the steps correct. But I've always been step-challenged. It's not that the choreography is horribly difficult. It's just that she includes steps and exercises I haven't done before on equipment that moves when you stand on it.

Rock It Off included stepping on the Wave, jumping on the Wave, rocking on the Wave, balancing on the Wave, and climbing over the Wave. You will need a lot of space for this workout, since the sequence of exercises takes you completely around the Wave. You will need space in front, beside, and behind the Wave. I got a little frustrated with having to reposition my Wave during exercise sequences to make sure I had enough room. Next time I will move my couch.

The camera work on this DVD was a little off. Alison's face often appeared a little fuzzy and out of focus while everything around her was crisp and clear. She's pretty young, so I don't think they were trying a soft glow effect to smooth out wrinkles. :-)

The Wave Rock It Off DVD gets your heart rate up and the day after, my glutes are sore. However, it was obvious in the video that even the FIRM instructors had a hard time keeping the Wave from moving. In one section, Alison's Wave shifts half-way off her mat.

My review? Get the Wave, but be careful and keep away from stairs.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why did Wesley say, "As you wish?"

Today, I feel like Buttercup in the Princess Bride after she discovers that Wesley was really saying, "I love you," every time he said, "As you wish."

If you were given a novel written about your marriage, would you read it? What would the title be?