Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motrin Ad - Does it Make You Laugh? Or Make You Mad? #motrinmoms

Motrin recently came out with a new ad campaign targeting mothers.

Some mom's are offended. Some find it funny. Like Mom 101, I felt that the script just needed a little tweaking and different voice talent and it would be fine. But then, baby carriers killed my back and neck.

Mom's on Twitter (#motrinmoms) are boycotting Motrin. I would never be that foolish. After all, Motrin stopped the pain for me, my husband, and my daughter many times. I can attribute many hours of sleep to Motrin while we waited for the doctor's office to open in the morning. And, if I remember right, Motrin helped with the pain after my c-section (or was that Tylenol?).

Their ad campaign was a little off the mark. Big deal. As long as Motrin is safe and effective, my family will be using it.

Oh yeah, I gave some to my daughter tonight when the apple juice "medicine" we gave her failed to take away her ear pain. And yes, she's sleeping now, and I will be soon.