Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Wave by The FIRM Rock It Off! Review

The new Wave Rock It Off DVD by the FIRM kicked my butt. Alison Davis included more complex and new moves than Allie Del Rio did in Speed Slimming Sculpt. I'm glad I started with Speed Slimming Sculpt, because even though I was working out on new equipment, my body still new what to do. I was comfortable with the basic moves.

Rock It Off will definitely take me 4-5 times through to get the steps correct. But I've always been step-challenged. It's not that the choreography is horribly difficult. It's just that she includes steps and exercises I haven't done before on equipment that moves when you stand on it.

Rock It Off included stepping on the Wave, jumping on the Wave, rocking on the Wave, balancing on the Wave, and climbing over the Wave. You will need a lot of space for this workout, since the sequence of exercises takes you completely around the Wave. You will need space in front, beside, and behind the Wave. I got a little frustrated with having to reposition my Wave during exercise sequences to make sure I had enough room. Next time I will move my couch.

The camera work on this DVD was a little off. Alison's face often appeared a little fuzzy and out of focus while everything around her was crisp and clear. She's pretty young, so I don't think they were trying a soft glow effect to smooth out wrinkles. :-)

The Wave Rock It Off DVD gets your heart rate up and the day after, my glutes are sore. However, it was obvious in the video that even the FIRM instructors had a hard time keeping the Wave from moving. In one section, Alison's Wave shifts half-way off her mat.

My review? Get the Wave, but be careful and keep away from stairs.

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